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22 Nov 1998 Depeche Mode Chat and Contest
Depeche Mode Backstage Live Audio/Video Chat from
Chicago's sold out show.
Tuesday, November 24th at 4:30PM (PT) 6:30PM (CT)  7:30PM(EST)
Also, Register to win an autographed DM keyboard.
21 Okt 1998 I finally took the time to and added the album info for the new album "The Singles 86-98" and the new single info for the new single "Only When I Lose Myself". I also did some minor layout changes and corrections.
4 Sept 1998 The song "Headstar" added. This is the second B-Side to the new single "Only When I Lose Myself". Now 136 songs available.
12 July 1998 Lyrics for "Surrender" added. This will be the B-Side to the new single "Only When I Lose Myself".
7 June 1998 Lyrics for the forthcoming single "Only When I Lose Myself" added. The single will be released in august or september I think.
9 May 1998 The single "World In My Eyes" added. See the single section.
Lyrics for six unreleased songs added, see the song section. Added songs are "Addiction", "I Like It", "Reason Man", "Television Set", "The Price of Love" and "Tomorrow's Dance". Now 133 songs available!
2 May 1998 The video section completed with the videos "101" and "The World We Live In and Live In Hamburg".
Three more MIDI files added Moonlight Sonata, Tora Tora Tora and Big Muff. All played by Ian Atkins.
21 Apr 1998 Tour news added, se the news page.
Name of next single presented, see the single section.
The video "Devotional" added, see the video section.
19 Jan 1998 A hole new video section added, here you will find information about all Depeche Mode videos, only 3 videos available yet. But there are only 3 to go. More information added to the album section, for example singles and vocals information. Some minor corrections has also been done.

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