Depeche Mode Albums


Mute, CDStumm148

Released 14th April 1997


# Song Vocals Length Info
1 Barrel of a Gun Dave 5.35 Single
2 The Love Thieves Dave 6.34  
3 Home Martin 5.43 Single
4 It's No Good Dave 5.58 Single
5 Uselink   2.22  
6 Useless Dave 5.12 Single
7 Sister of Night Dave 6.04  
8 The Jazz Thieves   2.55  
9 Freestate Dave 6.44  
10 The Bottom Line Martin 4.27  
11 Insight Dave 6.26  
12 Painkiller Jr. (Hidden track)   2.12  
Total Time   60.14  

Words & music by Martin L. Gore and Published by EMI Music Publishing Ltd, assigned by Grabbing Hands Music Ltd, except "Useless" assigned by Grabbing Hands Music Overseas Ltd.

Additional musicians:
Victor Endrizzio, percussion: "Barrel of a Gun" & "It's Noo Good"
Jaki Liebezeit, percussion: "The Bottom Line"
BJ Cole, pedal steel guitar: "The Bottom Line"
Gota Yashiki, drums: "Useless"
Keith Le Blanc, drums: "Useless"
Danny Cummings, percussion: "Useless" & "Freestate"
Doug Wimbish, bass: "Useless"
Daniel Miller, System700: "Uselink"

Vocal coach Evelyn Halus.

"Home", "Love Thieves" & "Freestate":
Additional vocals engineered by Gareth Jones at RAK Studios.

Strings arranged by Dave Clayton.
Strings scored & conducted by Richard Niles.
Strings coordingated by Graham Perkins.

Produced by Tim Simenon.
Mixed by Tim Simenon & Q. Except "Useless" & "Jazz Thieves", mixed by Tim Simenon & Gareth Jones.
Engineered by Q.
Programming on all tracks by Kerry Hopwood.
Keyboards & keyboard programming on all tracks by Dave Clayton.

Recorded at Abbey Road, Eastcote, Westside, Stongroom, RAK in London; Electric Lady in New York; Larrabee West in Los Angeles.
Assisted by Paul Hicks, Guy Massey, Lee Phillips, Jamie Campell, Jim Greg, Audie Chamberlain, Robbie Kazandjian.
Mastered by Mike Marsh at The Exchange.

Art direction, photography & front cover by Anton Corbijn.
Colour prints by Brian Dowling.
Sleeve design by Area.

1997 Mute Records Limited