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Feb-March 2008

        Recording session starts for new the new album. Only rumours yet.

October 2007

        Dave's second solo album "Hourglass".

November 2006

        Best of Depeche Mode.... can we hope for some new songs here?

October 06

        Remastered versions of "A Broken Frame", "Some Great Reward" and "Songs of Faith & Devotion".

September 2006

        Touring the Angel Live DVD.

July 2006

        Depeche Mode at Stockholm stadion.

June 2006

        New Single "John The Revelator".

April 2006

        Remastered versions of, "Speak & Spell", "Music For The Masses" and "Violator".

March 2006

        New single "Suffer Well".

February 2006

        Finally it's time for Sweden, the first Swedish show is in Gothenburg, sunday 26th.  I will be there!

January 2006

        "Touring the Angel" reaches Europe! YEEEES!

December 2005

        New Single "A Pain That I'm Used To".

November 2005

        The US part of the "Touring the Angel" tour is starting.

October 2005

        New single "Precious".
        Album release, "Playing the Angel" on the 17th in Europe and the 18th in US.
        A show called "Starting the Angel" for a small group of people will take place i New York on the 28th.

August 2005

Finally the Swedish tour dates, Gothenburg 26th February and Stockholm 1st March. Tickets will be released Monday 5th September 09:00.

April 2005

The new album "Playing The Angel" is scheduled for release October 17th, and the first single "Precious" will be out 2 weeks earlier.

March 2005

DM has announced a new world tour, the tour will start in North America in October and will hit Europe early 2006.

November 2004

This is increadible news!!!!
Depeche Mode will enter the studio in January 2005 to start the work of their new album! 
My guess is that we will have a new DM album in early 2006. And after that we can only hope that they will tour again! 

October 2004

DM will release a remix album, it will feature remixes from 81 -04.  

September 2004

Finally we will get Devotional on DVD. I will be a 2-DVD with the full concert and a lot of extras. 

March-April 2004

Sometime around this time there will be 3 new single boxes released I wouldn't be surprised if this will be delayed though.

20th October 2003

Release date for the re-release of 101 on DVD.

25th November 2002

Release date for the new DVD "The Singles 86-98+".

27th May 2002

Release date for the new DVD/VHS "One Night In Paris".

11th February 2002

Release date for the new single "Goodnight Lovers".

5th November 2001

Release date for the new single "Freelove".

30th July 2001

Release date for the new single "I Feel Loved"

14th May 2001

Release date for the new album "Exciter".

23rd April 2001

Release date for the new single "Dream On"

31th January 2001

The new album is finished!! Two Mp3 soundclip from the new album will be launched on the official site 31th January. 

22nd November 98

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Chicago's sold out show.
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21th October 98

Rumours starting to say that DM probably will play in Europe next year also. Well this is RUMOURS. Don't believe it, just hope it's true.

28th September 98

The new album "The Singles 86-98" is released today (Europe).

12th September

Depeche Mode played in Gothenburg, Sweden today. I was there of course. It was a GREAT concert. It was sold out and it was a great experience to see DM again after 5 years. Wooow!

7th September 98

The new single "Only When I Lose Myself" is released today (Europe).

4th September 98

The new single "Only When I Loose Myself" will be released (in Europe) 7th September. The new album "The Singles 86-98" is due to be released late September. North American tour dates is available, take a look at

7th June 98

The new single due to be released in august or September will be called "Only When I Loose Myself", two more new songs will be on the new single, Tempt and Headstar.  I have already added the lyrics in the songs section.

21th April 98

DM will tour Europe in September and October, tour starts in Tartu, Estonia, 2nd September. Take a look at for a complete list of dates. Swedish dates are 12th September at Scandinavium and 13 September at Stockholm Globe Arena. A single will be released prior to the tour.

February 98

This GREAT news is taken directly from Depeche Mode's own site:

"Martin Gore is busy writing new material and the band could be in the studio as early as the new year working on a handful of new songs for inclusion in a Double CD package! The album will feature all of Depeche Mode's hits since 1986. This forthcoming package is still untitled and could be released as early as this summer. Accordingly, the band is considering a World Tour in support of this upcoming release. Stay tuned for more details..."

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