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>18 March 2013<
All lyrics for Delta Machine songs added.

>14 March 2013<
Added lyrics for Soothe My soul, Should be higher and Soft touch / Raw nerve. Thanks to DMBella for the help with the lyrics.

>30 January 2013<
Added lyrics for All that's mine.

>29 January 2013<
Finally the lyrics for the new single Heaven is up.

>30 November 2011<
Great news!! Great news!! Great news!!
 Andrew Fletcher recently said in an interview that Depeche Mode will have a band meeting in January and will probably start recording the next album in march.

>25 October 2011<
Check out Depeche Modes new U2 cover So Cruel.

>2 Septemer 2011<
Saw that Ginza a couple of days ago started a facebook page for electronic music. Seems to be some interesting links and news tips appearing there. Check it out here. I have already pressed the LIKE button.

>28 June 2011<
Made some correction to the My Joy lyrics. Thanks to Lena in Denmark.

>14 May 2011<

David performed live at MusicCare on may 6, 2011. He performed two Depeche Mode songs, "I feel you" and "Personal Jesus", the later with Martin Gore on quitar. Two own songs, "Saw something" and "Dirty sticky floors". He also did four covers, "Love will tear us apart", "Cracked actor", "Low" and  "New rose".

Check it out.

Great stuff!

>26 September 2010<

Tour of the Universe: Barcelona 20/21.11.09 will be released 8th November 2010 on both DVD and Blu-ray.
Super Deluxe 4-disc version (2xDVD + 2xCD)
Deluxe version (1xDVD + 2xCD)
Blu-Ray (2xBlu-Ray)

>17 August 2010<

Check out the new song Milakia. Martin Gore co-wrote the song and it appears on the new Bomb the Bass album.

>23 July 2010<

Reocoil's performance in Santa Ana on 24th October will have Martin Gore as a special guest. Martin will DJ after the show.


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