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18 mar 2013

Added all the rest of the lyrics from Delta Machine.

14 mar 2013 Added lyrics for Soothe My soul, Should be higher and Soft touch / Raw nerve. Thanks to DMBella for the help with the lyrics.
30 jan 2013

Added lyrics to All That's Mine.

29 jan 2013 Finally the lyrics for the new single Heaven is up.
30 nov 2011

Great news!! Great news!! Great news!!
Andrew Fletcher recently said in an interview that Depeche Mode will have a band meeting in January and will probably start recording the next album in march.

25 oct 2011

Check out Depeche Modes new U2 cover So Cruel.

28 jun 2011

Made some correction to the My Joy lyrics. Thanks to Lena in Denmark.

14 may 2011

David performed live at MusicCare on may 6, 2011. He performed two Depeche Mode songs, "I feel you" and "Personal Jesus", the later with Martin Gore on quitar. Two own songs, "Saw something" and "Dirty sticky floors". He also did four covers, "Love will tear us apart", "Cracked actor", "Low" and  "New rose".

Check it out.

Great stuff!

26 sep 2010 Tour of the Universe: Barcelona 20/21.11.09 will be released 8th November 2010 on both DVD and Blu-ray.
Super Deluxe 4-disc version (2xDVD + 2xCD)
Deluxe version (1xDVD + 2xCD)
Blu-Ray (2xBlu-Ray)
17 aug 2010 Check out the new song Milakia. Martin Gore co-wrote the song and it appears on the new Bomb the Bass album.
23 jul 2010 Reocoil's performance in Santa Ana on 24th October will have Martin Gore as a special guest. Martin will DJ after the show.
17 oct 2009 Great news! Great news! Great news! Great news!
Nitzer Ebb will be supporting Depeche Mode on Tour of the Universe in January and February 2010. Outstanding!
11 jul 2009 What's up with this tour? Dave injured a calf muscle during the show in Bilbao, 9th July, and now they are forced to cancel the last two Europe shows, Porto and Sevilla. The tour will hopefully restart as planned in Toronto, 24th July. Get well soon Dave!
4 jul 2009 Home again after attending two Depeche Mode concerts. First an amazing concert in Copenhagen, June 30th, DM played in Parken in front of 44500 souls. The concert was amazing. Must have been one of the best concerts I have ever been on. Really really great.

A few days later, 3th July, I was in Arvika, stood in the front row. This show was not as great as the amazing show in Copenhagen. But still really good. The fact is that this show was five songs shorter than usual on this tour. What was that? Just one encore? The audience was really disappointed when the lights came on after the first encore. LAME. Hopefully this was the first and last time DM played in Arvika. Next time I hope for Stockholm Stadion.

AND one comment... to the few morons that is sitting down during the concerts. Well what can I say, stay at HOME, the concerts will be better without you there. As Dave Gahan has said "You're not allowed to sit down during a Depeche Mode concert". Enough said.

15 jun 2009 Added info about the new single Peace.
28 may 2009 Finally good news. Read the following official statement:
Depeche Mode are pleased to announce they will restart their interrupted Tour Of The Universe in Leipzig, Germany on June 8th. On May 12th, lead singer Dave Gahan suffered a severe bout of gastroenteritis, leading to his hospitalization and the cancellation of the Athens concert. While in hospital, further medical tests revealed a low-grade malignant tumour in Dave's bladder, which has since been successfully removed. At doctors' orders Dave Gahan must take a break until June 8th, to ensure that he makes a full recovery. The Leipzig show on June 8th will be the first concert following Dave's recovery.

Dave Gahan sincerely thanks his fans for their support, understanding and patience. Depeche Mode deeply regret any problems or inconveniences the cancellations and postponements may have caused.


May 30th
London O2 is postponed and will be rescheduled to a new date, which will be announced shortly. Tickets purchased will remain valid.

May 31st
Depeche Mode's performance at the Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf is cancelled.

June 2nd
The show at the HSH Nordbank Arena in Hamburg will now take place on July 1st. Tickets purchased remain valid.

June 4th & 5th
The shows at Dusseldorf LTU Arena on June 4th and 5th will be rescheduled, however the exact dates cannot be determined until the 2nd Bundesliga releases its new schedule. Dates for the rescheduled shows are expected to be announced by early July. Ticket holders should retain their tickets for the rescheduled shows.

June 7th & 8th
Regrettably, the June 7th show in Leipzig must be cancelled due to doctors' orders, however the June 8th show will occur as planned. Tickets for the cancelled June 7th show may be exchanged for tickets to either the June 8th show in Leipzig or the June 10th show in Berlin (availability permitting) at the relevant box office.

July 2nd
Bergen, Koengen has been rescheduled to Thursday, January 28th, 2010 at the Vestlandhallen.

The following European shows are not affected and will take place as originally planned.

June 8th LEIPZIG Zentralstadion
June 10th BERLIN Olympiastadion
June 12th FRANKFURT Commerzbank Arena
June 13th MUNICH Olympiastadion
June 16th ROME Stadio Olimpico
June 18th MILAN Stadio San Siro
June 20th WERCHTER TW Classic Festival
June 22nd BRATISLAVA Inter Stadium
June 23rd BUDAPEST Puskas Ferenc Stadium
June 25th PRAGUE Slavia Stadium
June 27th PARIS Stade de France
June 28th NANCY Zenith Amphitheatre
June 30th COPENHAGEN Parken Stadium
July 1st HAMBURG (rescheduled show)
July 3rd ARVIKA Arvika Festival
July 6th CARCASSONNE Esplanade Gambetta
July 8th VALLADOLID Jose Zorilla Stadium
July 9th BILBAO BBK Live Festival
July 11th PORTO Super Bock Super Rock Festival
July 12th SEVILLE Olimpic Stadium

Furthermore, all dates following Seville on the Tour of the Universe will proceed as originally planned.

Ticket holders for the previously cancelled shows listed below are encouraged to hold on to their tickets pending a further statement. Every effort continues to be made to reschedule these shows and more time is needed to resolve venue availability and routing. A final decision is expected early next week, at which time a statement will be made with regards to either a rescheduled date or final cancellation.

May 12th ATHENS Terra Vibe
May 14th ISTANBUL Santral Istanbul
May 16th BUCHAREST Parc Izvor
May 18th SOFIA Vasil Levski
May 21st ZAGREB Arena
May 23rd WARSAW Gwardia Stadium
May 25th RIGA Skonto Stadium
May 27th VILNIUS Zalgirio Stadionas
20 may 2009 The following is an official statement:
Depeche Mode regret to announce that they are forced to cancel a further three shows on their "Tour of the Universe". Doctors have advised that more time is needed to allow singer, Dave Gahan, to fully recover from his recent illness and ensure that the tour can resume shortly.

Depeche Mode apologise to all their fans for this inconvenience and wish Dave a speedy recovery.

The following additional shows have been cancelled:

Sat 23 - Warsaw, Poland, Gwardia Stadium
Mon 25 - Riga, Latvia, Skonto Stadium
Wed 27 - Vilnius, Lithuania, Zalgiris Stadium

Ticket holders for the above shows are advised to hold onto their tickets, as an announcement will follow soon with regard to either new rescheduled concert dates, or their final cancellation.
14 may 2009 The following is an official statement:
Depeche Mode have been forced to cancel a further four shows on their Sounds of the Universe tour due to further complications from singer Dave Gahan's severe bout of gastroenteritis. Dave is currently undergoing further tests.

Depeche Mode apologise to all their fans for this inconvenience and wish Dave a speedy recovery. Further information will be released in due course.

The following shows have been cancelled:

May 16th Bucharest, Romania, Izvor Park
May 18th Sofia, Bulgaria, Vasil Levski Stadium
May 20th Belgrade, Serbia, USCE Park
May 21st Zagreb, Croatia, Arena

Ticket holders for the above shows are advised to hold on to their tickets as an announcement will be made shortly in regard to rescheduled dates or final cancellation.
13 may 2009 The following is an official statement: Depeche Mode have been forced to cancel two shows on their 'Sounds of the Universe' tour, yesterday's show in Athens (May 12) and tomorrow's show in Istanbul (May 14), due to the illness of singer Dave Gahan.

Dave fell ill with a severe bout of gastroenteritis shortly before he was due onstage in Athens which resulted in his immediate hospitalization. At this stage, Dave's primary concern is to return to full health and resume the tour as soon as possible.

Fans in Athens and Istanbul have been advised to hold onto their tickets as an announcement will be made shortly with regard to rescheduled dates or cancellation.
17 apr 2009

Corrected all lyrics from Sounds of the Universe. Now they are absolutely 100% correct. Also added lyrics to the deluxe boxset bonus songs.

29 mar 2009 Corrected a minor error in the Flexible lyrics. Thanks to Henrik Petersen for mailing me about this.
28 mar 2009

Lyrics to In Chains, Little Soul, In Sympathy, Peace, Perfect, Miles Away, Jezebel and Currupt added. Thanks to Claudio and Miss Revelator.

19 mar 2009 Lyrics to Come Back added.
6 mar 2009

Lyrics to Hole to feed added. Thanks to Antons Hrustalows.

23 feb 2009 Lyrics to Fragile Tension added. Thanks to Antons Hrustalows.
22 feb 2009

Corrected two words in the Wrong lyrics.

21 feb 2009 Lyrics to the forthcoming single Wrong added. Thanks to Alexander Popov for sending me this. Also added more info about the different releases of Sounds of the Universe.
7 feb 2009

Check out the track list of the forthcoming single Wrong.

29 jan 2009

Check out the complete track list of the forthcoming album Sounds of the Universe.

17 jan 2009

Finally the name of the forthcoming album has been revealed, "Sounds of the Universe", release date 22nd April 2009.

10 jan 2009

More info has leaked about the forthcoming album. Depeche Mode has completed 18 tracks of which 13 will appear on the new album. Some song names has also leaked, "Wrong", "Peace will come to me", "Sympathy", "Corruption", "Fragile tension", "Hole to feed", "Miles away" and "Come back". The name of the album remains unknown.
Please note that this info not is official and could change before release.

12 dec 2008 The new single "Wrong" will probably be released in March or April next year. "Wrong" sounds real good and will be a great first single from the new album.
3 oct 2008 Depeche Mode - Tour of the Universe 2009 launches 10/5-2009 in Tel Aviv, Isreal.
16 sep 2008 Something is about to happen. Depeche Mode will be having an press conference in Berlin on October 6th. Hopefully they will officially announce their plans for 2009. New album and summer tour.
9 july 2008 Since I guess everyone already has started longing for the next DM album, I wanted to shorten your wait a bit. Check out Fixmer/McCarthy's new album "Into The Light", it's a GREAT album. Lot's of great songs there. A rather dark album with lot of electronic sounds and McCarthy's great vocals. Simply GREAT stuff.
11 jun 2008 Depeche Mode is finally back in the studio. They started to work on their new album early May. A March 09 release is scheduled. No words of any tours yet. But if the album is released in March, touring could start anytime between March and early autumn 2009.
9 feb 2008

It seems like 2008 will be a great Depeche Mode year. The band is supposed to hit the studio in March. Both Martin and Dave has been writing new songs. And according to EMI sources we could expect an album release late this year. Other sources says that a new world tour will be announced this fall.

25 aug 2007 Added all the lyrics to Daves forthcoming album Hourglass.
3 aug 2007

Great news!!! Rumors says that Depeche Mode will be back in the studio earlier than expected. The studio work on the next album will probably start sometime in February/March 2008. Rumors also say that Martin has written several new songs already. Perhaps we could hope for a new DM album late 2008 or early 2009.

Dave's new album will be released 22nd October, first single will be "Kingdom" and will be in stores 8th October.

19 jun 2007

Dave is currently working on his next solo release. Tentative release is late this year.
Alan Wilder has recently released his new Recoil album subHuman. Check out Recoils site for more info.
Fixed some typos in the Construction time again info. Thanks to Jürgen Oppermann for finding these.

13 apr 2007 Added information about the re-releases of Black Celebration and Construction Time Again.
29 sep 2006 Added informationa about the forthcoming single Martyr. Also added lyrics for the the new song Martyr.
25 aug 2006 Added information about the content on the second DVD in the forthcoming live DVD package Touring The Angel.
20 aug 2006 Next single "Martyr" is due out in October. And is taken from the forthcoming "Best of" album due out in November.
Added information about the forthcoming live DVD Touring The Angel.
Added information about the second batch of re-releases. See A Broken Frame, Some Great Reward and Songs Of Faith And Devotion.
10 aug 2006 Touring the Angel DVD will be release 27th September.
Next batch of remestered albums is to be released early october (A broken frame, Some Great Reward and Songs of Faith And Devotion)
7 jul 2006 The big day. Finally time for an DM open air concert in Sweden. Went by train to Stockholm, spend the day looking around in the city, and happened to meet FLETCH at NK. He was there shopping with his wife. It was great meeting him, he seemed like a perfect gentleman, he took the time to talk to us for awhile. Well about the concert, it was an amazing concert. The concert kept getting better and better and ended with a fantastic Never Let Me Down Again. Amazing!
19 jun 2006 Fixed a misprint, in the Violator info, Dave was singing Kaleid. Sorry about that and thanks to Jürgen Oppermann for letting me know about it.
29 apr 2006 Added information about the forthcoming single John The Revelator.
21 mar 2006 Finally added the lyrics for Better Days, the b-side on the forthcoming single Suffer Well.
12 mar 2006 Added information about the first batch of re-releases. See Speak & Spell, Music For The Masses and Violator.
28 jan 2006 Added detailed information about the forthcoming single "Suffer Well".
14 jan 2006 Unconfirmed rumours says that the single after Suffer Well, will be John The Revelator, and a tentative release date is sometime in April/May. Also it seems like all Depeche Mode albums are being remastered and will be re-released during 2006 in SACD hybrid format, starting in March. A live DVD is to be expected in September. And to conclude the year, a Best of Depeche Mode album probable will be released in November. More....
20 dec 2005

Next single "Suffer Well" will be released in February 2006.

14 dec 2005 Next single will be Suffer Well. Don't know the release date yet. More info later.
7 dec 2005

Added the lyrics for the forthcoming b-side Newborn.

5 nov 2005 Added information about the next single A Pain That I'm Used To. Release date is 12th December. B-Side is Newborn.
30 okt 2005

Added all the lyrics for the songs on David's solo album Paper Monsters. I will add Martin solo songs later.

21 okt 2005 Next single will be A Pain That I'm Used To. Release date is 12th December.
15 okt 2005

Now I have been listening to Playing the Angel non-stop since Wednesday. I refused to download it, I waited until I got the real thing. And this album is GREAT. Right now songs like A Pain That I'm used to, John the Revelator, Suffer Well and Nothing's Impossible have been stuck in my brain and is repeating themselves all the time. :) The album will be out the 19th October. Don't miss it! 

12 okt 2005 Checked and corrected all lyrics for Playing the Angel. Now I can guarantee that they are 100% correct.
2 okt 2005

Did a minor correction in the lyrics for The Darkest Star

28 Sep 2005 Added the lyrics for the forthcoming B-side Free. Big thanks to Linus.
13 Sep 2005

Added all the lyrics for the new album Playing the Angel. Please note that I can't guarantee that they are 100% correct yet.

2 Sep 2005 Added more release info for the forthcoming single Precious.
30 Aug 2005

Added release information for the forthcoming single Precious.

29 Aug 2005 Corrected a couple of typos in the Precious lyrics, thanks to Lindsey for pointing this out.
21 Aug 2005

I had some free time and added all crosslink information for the album Remixes 81-04.

10 Aug 2005 Added the names of all the songs on the forthcoming album Playing the angel.
24 July 2005

Finally I took the time to add the information for the Enjoy the Silence 04 single. Also added information about the Condemnation single.

20 July 2005 Added the lyrics for Precious. This song will be released as a single in early October. Great song by the way. Thanks to Sibian for supplying me with the lyrics.
4 July 2005

The name of the new album will be "Playing The Angel" and the first single "Precious". Three songs on the new album is written by Dave. Tentative release date is 17th October with the single two weeks earlier.

16 June 2005 A new world tour announced, the tour will start in North America in October and hit Europe in early 2006.
26 Dec 2004

I just published an school essay (in Swedish only) written by Jossan. I have published it fully unchanged and just as Jossan wrote it. Take a look at it here.

21 Aug 2004 In October DM will release a remix album. There will be remixes from 81-04.
28 July 2004

Finally something happens, Devotional will be released on DVD this autumn. Tentative date is October 6th.

19 Jan 2004 Got the information that 3 new single boxes will be released in late march. It wouldn't surprise me though if this release date will be delayed. 
Added information about the 101 DVD.
30 Aug 2003

New domain.

30 Dec 2002 Added information about the  DVD The Singles 86-98+.
Changed the black background on the site (thanks to Diva for suggesting that).
18 June 2002

Corrected the Price of love lyrics (thanks to Robert Plunkett for pointing this out).

1 May 2002 Added information about the forthcoming DVD/VHS One Night In Paris.
Corrected the lyrics for Only When I Lose Myself (thanks to Thomas Tuft Muller for pointing this out). 
28 Jan 2002

Corrected a minor error in the lyrics for I Am You (thanks to Jeff "Shippy" Shipman for pointing this out).

19 Jan 2002 Added information about the forthcoming single Goodnight Lovers.
Corrected the lyrics for Shout (thanks to Swen Wocjciechowski for pointing this out). 
13 Jan 2002

Added info about the Freelove single.
Added Zenstation to the songlist.
Added The Singles 81>98 album.
Changed some release info and stuff.

9 Aug 2001 Added information about the single Enjoy the Silence.
5 Aug 2001

Download my mix of I Feel Loved, the MP3 is in 192KBps and 44kHz. 
I Feel Loved (Rogwa Whispering Mix).mp3

31 July 2001 Added information about the singles Dream On and I Feel Loved.
Corrected the lyrics for I Am You (thanks to Gina Noell for pointing this out)
10 July 2001 Added single release dates for I Feel Loved, Freelove and Goodnight Lovers. See singellist.
Added lyrics for Dirt.
Corrected some misspellings.
24 April 2001 Updated the order of the Exciter songs and added the times for all Exciter tracks (thanks to Dean Ferrando). 
I also corrected the Dangerous lyrics (thanks to Staffan Olofsson for pointing this out).
7 Feb 2001 Added lyrics for all the Exciter songs.
3 Feb 2001 Made some minor changes in the new info.
2 Feb 2001 Added the complete tracklisting for the upcoming album Exciter.
31 Jan 2001 Updated the DM News page. 
Added info about the upcoming DM album Exciter.
20 Sep 2000 Updated the DM News page. Woh.... I am again sorry for the extremely poor update rate. But I have now moved into my new house and perhaps I now can spend some more time on the site.  

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